code poet.

Wel-come again. If you couldn't tell by now, computer programming, aka coding, is what I do. I program in Java mostly, but am in the process of learning Linux kernel programming, and brushing up my C/C++ skills. I am pretty open to learning most any language if I can see enough benefit coming out of it. Perhaps PHP or Tk/TCL should be next. Anyway, here are my applications:

jman - The pride and joy of all my computer programs of all time. Re-written three or four times entirely, this program aims at having all the features and functionality of a first-class newsreading and e-mail contact agent. Now I just have to get on finishing that. Please motivate me.

imchk - A nifty little utility that lets you check your UNIX box GAIM instant messages from your PDA or cell phone. AIM functionality may be inherent in a lot of newer mobile devices, but with imchk you can now see what messages you have at home waiting for you, without having to sign on a second time.

cam.jsp - For use with Apache Tomcat: a webpage script that displays your updating webcam image (stills, at different time intervals), with a comment, the current time, and information about your site like who's watching it now, and what music you're listening to. It even allows readers to tweak how often to reload the page.

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