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Hi. My name is Andrew Levin. I am a 28-year old computer programmer from Long Island, New York. My interests include heavy metal music, computer programming and reading science, professional basketball, and insight meditation. My professed favorite sports team is the New York Knickerbockers (about which I used to run a series of websites, which were pretty darn nice-looking I'd say, and a webring (Hello, 1998), although none so nice as Mr. Irving Wang's New York Knicks Fan Page, a great resource with a packed forum scene). My professed faith is Theravada Buddhism, the most orthodox among the various forms of Buddhism in existence today.

Slackware Linux

Currently, I am working on updating and greatly improving my e-mail and Usenet client for the Java platform, jman (Java Mail And News), and refreshing my understanding of the C programming language in hopes of doing application programming for Linux and perhaps learning and maybe even developing for the Linux Kernel one day. I am ever-studying the teachings of Buddhism as explained by many great teachers of both the East and West, including many fine BuJus like myself such as Bhikkhu Bodhi (who I have had the great honor of meeting and speaking with at the New York Buddhist Vihara nearby in Queens, NYC), Jack Kornfield, Ayya Khema, Joe Goldstein, Nyanaponika Thera, and some meditation masters of different lineages, especially those of the Mahasi Sayadaw Burmese lineage such as U Pandita, Silananda, Sujiva, and others.

Other than that, I hang around at the once-great tech and culture site kuro5hin.org (mostly in the Diary Section (aka "the ghetto")), and sometimes visit its IRC channel on #kuro5hin or #kuro5hin.org/SlashNET and spend time on some other chat channels with my friends on EFnet. I also check Slashdot aka "The Other Site" a few times a day (where I have an uber-cool low UID of 15885).

That's all for now. Check out some of the links below if you've got some time.

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